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Presentation of CINT at ISTAS 2023

When 90% of  global cities are not complying with the World Health Organisation’s air quality standards (according to the fifth annual study by IQA), understanding the role of air pollution is essential.

The Prōject EU R&D team have been working on a number of carbon and environmental projects, looking at how technology can help with net zero solutions.

The City Net Zero (CINT) project with Dr Silvio Carta at the University of Hertfordshire and St Albans City & District Council, looking at the air quality within St Albans, has been invited to present a paper at the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS) in Swansea, UK.

 “Being asked to present on CINT at the symposium shows the quality of the project.” Marc McGurk, Director at Project EU said.  “This is an important platform on which to share our findings.” 

“Silvio’s paper will give engineers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, social scientists and technologists the opportunity to discuss how our technology methodology and approach can create a positive environmental solution.”

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