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New to the Industry

I first became interested in the IT project management industry when looking for a different career path.  Having worked in retail for the majority of my working life I fancied a change; something more ‘career driven’.  Computers have always been an interest of mine growing up, so when given the chance to learn the skills that the job offers it seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

My new role as a support consultant involves learning and developing the skills that are needed to help the consultants with their tasks.  This includes a wide variety of jobs, at the moment I am starting off with the basics to increase my knowledge of the industry and the skills I need.  As I progress I will be tasked with more, ranging from trying out new software that the consultants have made to finishing tasks they may not have time to do.  Being new to the industry this puts me in a great position as I am also practically experiencing the techniques needed to become a consultant. 

This career does offer a lot of challenges, especially as I come from a completely different job background.  They can be something simple like making a good cup of coffee to the slightly more difficult applications such as, Excel and learning the language of programming. Everyday offers new and rewarding challenges which help boost my knowledge and experience.  I think the most enjoyable aspect so far is accomplishing something I didn’t think I could.  A task can seem impossible to start with but with research and practice I have overcome them. Now tasks don’t seem quite so daunting.

Who knows what the future holds. However I would like to eventually get the skills needed to become a consultant myself.


Written by Ash Caffell

2 Feb, 2016 by


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