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Results of ‘Tackling carbon survey’

Tackling the carbon crisis 2022

We recently carried out our ‘Tackling the carbon crisis’ survey with IT and technology professionals to understand the industry opinions on what is within the tech sector around climate change. Our involvement in a number of carbon projects, including CINT with University of Herts and St Albans City and District Council means we are actively tracking commitment and interest in the carbon agenda.

We had a strong response, and net zero is clearly something which remains prominent in boardroom discussions.  While last year’s Glasgow COP26, this year’s COP27 and the Government’s commitment to net zero by 2050 provide admirable goals, the reality of delivering against this is being queried. 

A staggering 78% of respondents don’t think the UK will achieve the Government’s Net Zero within the timescale. It appears to be an issue over delivery within timescales rather than a lack of corporate support, as over 80% of companies ae involved in sustainability activities to reduce their carbon footprint, and almost  three quarter of respondents were actively involved in net zero or ESG activities.  In addition over half of the companies responding are now generating carbon reports to provide visibility and transparency around their environmental impacts.

The full findings are shown within our ‘Tackling the carbon crisis’ report 2022 – available here: carbon_survey_2022

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