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Is SECR for you?

The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation which was launched back in 2019, replacing the carbon reduction commitment (CRC) energy efficiency scheme, makes it now mandatory for large organisations to report energy and carbon emissions.  This annual report is part of the UK Government’s plan to help meet the net zero targets for 2050.

The SECR is designed for major organisations, who are either quoted, a defined large company or limited liability partnership. These companies are required to report on three elements:

  • Scope 1 – emissions from business activities
  • Scope 2 – emissions from indirect business activities (ie electricity, steam or heat)
  • Scope 3 – emissions from supply chain or stakeholders

Part of the challenge around SECR is identifying and extracting data from multiple sources.  The information is held by different teams across the organisation, whether it is output production from manufacturing, energy procurement from facilities or employee travel from finance. 

The overall benefit of developing efficient reporting should be lower energy and resource costs, as well as a Board level understanding of the climate change impact and how exposed the organisation is to the risks of climate change.

There are real opportunities for companies to achieve cost-effective reporting by utilising existing data sources.  By extracting and collating information into a central self-service report it is possible to accurately measure the environmental performance of the business.

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